Assorted Crunch Bites

What are Assorted Crunch Bites?

Assorted Crunch Bites are a delightful and unique fusion sweet that takes the Indian sweet dishes space to new heights. They are meticulously crafted bite-sized treats designed to deliver a sensational experience of flavors and textures.

What ingredients are used to make crunch bites?

At The Sweet Blend we only use the finest ingredients to create the perfect crunch. This fusion sweet is made with high-quality and carefully selected ingredients that ensure a delicious and satisfying snack.

The most basic ingredients that are used in most of the different types of crunch bites are:

  • White compound
  • Dry fruits and nuts
  • Rice crispy

What are the different types of crunch bites?

Don't get fooled by one name. The Sweet Blend has not just one but 9 different types of crunch bites! Yes 9 flavours. From hazelnut crunch bites to paan crunch bites, our buffet of this delicious fusion sweet will satisfy your cravings with their versatility of flavours.

Below are just a few of our favourite crunch bite flavours:

  • Kesar Crunch Bites: Experience the richness of saffron combined with crunchy rice crisps. This modern sweet dish is a true indulgence with a hint of aromatic Kesar (saffron) that adds a touch of luxury to every bite.
  • Mango Crunch Bites: Enjoy the tropical goodness of ripe mangoes captured in a delightful Crunch Bite. With the perfect blend of white compound chocolate, crispy rice, and the sweet tang of mango flavor, this traditional yet modern fusion sweet dish will transport you to a sun-soaked paradise.
  • Bourbon Crunch Bites: Indulge in the classic combination of chocolate and bourbon flavors. These crunch bites feature a luscious white compound chocolate coating infused with the essence of rich bourbon, complemented by the satisfying crunch of rice crispy goodness.

But you can check our crunch bites collection to shop all.

Assorted crunch bites for gifting

Are you someone looking for a gift that's unique, delicious and can be delivered within just a few days? Then you're in luck!

Our collection of crunch bites, is a green check mark to all your gifting criterias. This fusion Indian sweet dish makes a great present for any occasion; be it a birthday, anniversary, or a special celebration, surprise your friends and family with a gourmet assortment of Crunch Bites.

Additionally, our elegant packaging adds an extra touch of sophistication, making it a gift that will be remembered and appreciated 

Buy assorted crunch bites online

It's now easier than ever to get your hands on Assorted Crunch Bites. Simply visit our website and explore crunch bites collection. With just a few clicks, you can order your favorite flavors.

Experience the convenience of online shopping and have the delectable Crunch Bites delivered straight to your doorstep.