Collection: Crunch Bites - A Unique Fusion Sweet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Crunch Bites >

    Crunch bites are unique sweets that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Each piece is shaped into a cube to create a delectable bite sized treat for you to cherish in every occasion.

    Infused with a mix of crunchy and nutritious ingredients, crunch bites make a unique fusion sweet dish. The special feature of these bite sized treats, is the mix and match of several ingredients like chocolates, dry fruits and various other spices.

  • Crunch Bites For Every Occasion >

    The versatile nature of these unique sweets make them a great gift for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding or the celebration of a new born baby, our crunch bites are suitable for all these events.

    Additionally, there are crunch bites options that suit individuals from all age groups. For example, the bourbon crunch bites box is something that kids will devour and for adults it could be the gulkand or paan crunch bites box!

  • Buy Crunch Bites Online >

    Check out our wide range of crunch bites that are a must have for all your celebrations and occasions! With 12 different crunch bites box options for you, this collection makes a great gift option to surprise your loved ones with something sweet and fun.

    Additionally, each box comes with 2 options for you to choose from, 200 grams (10 pieces) and 500 grams (20 pieces). Explore our collection now and add some unique sweets to enjoy with friends and family.

To know more about our unique sweet dish, Crunch bites, read this informative page.