Desi Ghee Soan Papdi

What is soan papdi?

Soan Papdi is one of the best Indian sweet devoured all around the nation. It is also known by various other names such as Sohan Papdi, Son Papri, or Sohan Halwa.

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Soan papdi mithai is particularly popular during festivals and special occasions in India, such as Diwali. Hence, this traditional sweet is often exchanged as gifts for celebration such moments.

What ingredients are used to make desi ghee soan papdi?

  1. Refined Sugar
  2. Desi Ghee
  3. Refined Wheat Flour (Maida)
  4. Gram Flour (Besan)
  5. Edible Vegetable Oil (Sunflower Oil)
  6. Almond, Pistachio Nuts
  7. Cardamom

Patisa Vs Soan Papdi

Patisa, another famous Indian sweet, also called Soan cake is often misunderstood as Soan papdi due to their very similar names. However below are the differences between both these Indian sweet dishes:

  Patisa Soan papdi
Ingredients Gram flour (besan), Ghee (clarified butter), & Sugar syrup Gram flour (besan), Ghee (clarified butter), Sugar, & Cardamom powder

1. Gram flour & ghee cooked together to make a dough.

2. Dough is rolled out & cut in diamond shaped pieces.

3. Pieces are deep fried unti they become crispy & golden brown.

4. Finally dipped in sugar syrup.

1. Gram flour & ghee cooked together to make a dough.

2. Dough is then rolled into thin sheets & layered with a sugary syrup.

3. Allowed to cool & solidify.

4. Finally, cut into square shapes usually.

Texture Solid and crunchy Flaky and delicate
Taste Rich and nutty flavour Mild and subtle flavour


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Is soan papdi healthy?

Soan papdi mithai is extremely delicious; you might just end up having a lot of it. Though there is no harm in having this Indian sweet dish, consuming it in very large quantities is not the best option.

Soan papdi pricing:

Soan papdi 250 gm- ₹249/-

Soan papdi 300 gm- ₹299/-

Soan papdi 500 gm- ₹498/-

Soan papdi 1 kg- ₹996/-

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is rose soan papdi?

Rose soan papdi, simply put is a variation of the traditional soan papdi mithai. During the making of this traditional Indian sweet dish, adding rose essence or petals gives an aromatic and rich taste of rose soan papdi.

What is the origin of soan papdi mithai?

The exact origion of this delicious Indian sweet dish is unclear. However, soan papdi originally came into the limelight from the state of Uttar Pradesh and is widely consumed in the nothern part of the country.

How to store soan papdi?

Just like most of the other mithai sweets in India, soan papdi should also be stored in a air tight container. The box should be kept in room temperature and be avoided from severe heat or cold.

What are the few benefits of soan papdi?

 Apart from this melt in your mouth texture, soan papdi has a variety of benefits:

  • Gram flour is a great source of energy.
  • Desi Ghee provides really healthy fats for your body.
  • Great for celebrating special moments with friends and family.