Healthy Snacks: Maintain A Balance

Healthy snacks trend

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Yes, you read that right. The healthy snacks industry is estimated to generate revenues worth upwards of $180 billion in less than a decade. This is proof why it is important for you too, to start making small healthy choices in your life.

The awareness of healthy snacking has started to gain massive traction and aceeptance. This is exactly what we'll be discussing here. Let's start with understanding what types of snacks fall under 'healthy snacking.'

Table of Content

  1. What exactly are healthy snacks
  2. Healthy snacks and weight loss
  3. Healthy snack options for you
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What are healthy snacks?

Often when we hear the word healthy snacks, what comes to our minds are dishs that are 'boring, not tasty and very light.' However, this stigma is slowly being broken as new options are launched in the market.

According to us healthy snacks can and should be enjoyed by everyone. These are snack options that are:

  1. Satiating and fulfilling
  2. Low on calories
  3. Have a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats
  4. Tasty!

Healthy snacks and weight loss

In the chase of weight loss, it's common to experience occasional hunger between meals. Health professionals stress on the fact, that subjecting yourself to extended periods of hunger or extreme food deprivation can have severe negative effects on your well-being and ruin your weight loss endeavors.

This is where the concept of snacking becomes relevant, as it can effectively assist in mitigating those hunger sensations and staying aligned with your weight loss objectives. Let's jump to the next section where we highlight a few healthy snack options.

Few healthy snack options

At The Sweet Blend we love curating unique health snack options for you. Below are a couple of existing options in our collection.

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These were just a couple of tasty healthy snack options for you. If you are interested in exploring a wider range of options, check this article by HealthifyMe, where they talk about the similar topic and provide you with some really interesting options!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What should I eat if I crave junk food?

Studies have proved, that we crave for junk food for a few reasons like boredom or stress. Being aware about the same, will help you make better food choices when you are craving some junk food. Few options could be the ones we have listed on top.

What's the healthiest food to snack on?

There is no, one, healthiest food to snack on. A few options include: fruits, dry fruits, low fat cheese, whole wheat breads

Are Indian snacks healthy?

Yes absolutely. Like the ones we spoke about in this article, there are alot of other Indian snacks that can be healthy

Can I eat snacks everyday?

If you have a huge gap between your lunch and dinner, having a snack in the evening is a great option. It will help you avoid over eating during dinner. Moreover, long hours of food deprivation can cause harm to your body.