13 Diwali Gifting Options for Employees

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time of celebration and togetherness. It's an occasion to express gratitude and appreciation for the people who contribute to our lives, including our dedicated employees.

In this blog, we will help you choose a great diwali gift for your employees by discussing about:

  1. Diwali gifts for employees under 500
  2. Diwali gifts for employees under 1000
  3. Diwali discounts by The Sweet Blend

With a vast variety of options available, finding a thoughtful and affordable gift can be a little difficult. Fortunately, online shopping has made the task easier, and we have some fantastic options lined up for you.

Diwali Gifts for Employees Under 500

1. Kesar Crunch Bites Box

Kesarcrunch bites is a delicious treat from our kitchen. It combines the richness of kesar (saffron) with the amazing crunch of roasted nuts. This unique mithai is a fantastic diwali gift option for employees who appreciate traditional Indian sweet dishes with a twist.

Kesar crunch bites box of 250 gm

Cost of 1 box (250 grams): ₹495/-

Includes: 10 pieces of Kesar crunch bites

Alternate Options:

2. Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a famous South Indian sweet dish known for its melt-in-the-mouth texture and irresistible sweetness. We offer a delectable version of this timeless treat.

Mysore pak mithai box of 250 gm

What makes this sweet dish a great diwali gift is, the authenticity of the flavours priced just at the right amount. It's a delicacy your employees can enjoy without a big hole in your pocket.

Cost of 1 box (250 grams): ₹215/-

Includes: 250 gm of Mysore pak mithai. Approximately 7-9 pieces.

Alternate Options:

3. Desi Ghee Soan Papdi Mithai

Soan Papdi, a traditional mithai consumed during Diwali, tastes even better with the use of desi ghee. This makes for a delightful and aromatic treat that your employees will relish.

Desi ghee soan papdi mithai box of 300 gm

This sweet dish makes a great diwali gift for employyes because of the rich flavour of desi ghee. It gives a true blend of tradition and indulgence.

Cost of 1 box (300 grams): ₹299/-

Alternate Options:

4. Assorted Crunch Bites Box

The Assorted Crunch Bites Box is a gold mine of sweet and crunchy surprises. It contains various flavours of crunch bites like kesar, rose, gulkand and many more!

Assorted crunch bites box of 250 gm

The speciality of this diwali gift is the value for money. This box of 10, contains a variety of flavours that are priced at just ₹495. You should definitely add this to the top of your diwali gift options list!

Cost of 1 box (250 grams): ₹495/-

Includes: 5 different flavours of crunch bites, 2 pieces each. CAN BE CUSTOMISED ON REQUEST.

5. Mini Dry Fruit Bites

Our mini dryfruit bites box is a healthy twist to traditional Diwali gifting. Filled with bite-sized dryfruit treats, it's a great choice for health-conscious employees.

Mini dryfruit bites box

Cost of 1 box (100 grams): ₹169/-

Includes: 1 piece of 4 different dry fruit crunch bites; fig, dates (khajur), blueberry, cranberry.

6. Gulkand Crunch Bites Box

Gulkand Crunch combines the traditional flavour of gulkand with crunchy elements like cashew nuts, oreo biscuits and almonds. This unique sweet dish offers a delightful fusion of flavors that's perfect for the festive season.

Gulkand crunch bites box of 250 gm

Traditional taste, contemporary flavours and affordability, is what makes an idea diwali gift for employees. Our gulkand crunch bites box, checks all those boxes for you!

Cost of 1 box (250 grams): ₹495/-

Includes: 10 pieces of Gulkan crunch bites

Alternate Options:

7. Mini Crunch Bites Box

Mini crunch bites box is filled with an assortment of mini-sized sweet treats, offering a variety of flavors in one box.

Mini crunch bites box

This box is a great alternate option to the regular, crunch bites box of 10. It is priced at just ₹139/-

Cost of 1 box (100 grams): ₹139/-

Includes: 1 piece of 4 different flavours of crunch bites; oreo, mango, hazelnut and paan.

8. Healthy Pops

This unique Diwali gift for employees is ideal for those who prefer healthier snacking options. It includes a box of til berry pops and rose pops; perfect for guilt-free snacking.

Cost of 1 box (200 grams): ₹160/-

Includes: 1 box of rose pops and til berry pops.

Diwali Gifts for Employees Under 1000


1. Badam Katli

Badam Katli is a classic Indian sweet dish made from almonds and sugar. It's known for its rich, nutty flavor and melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Badam katli- famous Indian sweet dish

This traditional treat is a favorite amongst all Indian households, making it a wonderful diwali gift option. The Badam Katli from our kitchen is not just a sweet dish, but also a symbol of good wishes and prosperity.

Cost of 1 box (500 grams): ₹799/-

Alternate options:

2. Fusion Katli Box

Our fusion katli box from The Sweet Blend is a modern twist on the classic badam katli. This box combines the traditional goodness of badam katli with exciting flavors like rose, kesar and anjeer.

Fusion katli box- diwali gift option

It's the perfect diwali gift for employees who appreciate a fusion of flavors and a touch of innovation in their Diwali 2023 celebrations.

Cost of 1 box (500 grams): ₹700/-

Alternate options:

3. Exotic Mithai Box

Diwali is all about indulgence, and our Exotic Mithai Box brings together a variety of mouthwatering Indian sweet dishes. From rose balls to crunch pistachio, this box is a treasure trove of delectable traditional mithais that will delight your employees and their families.

Exotic mithai box- diwali gift option

It's a diwali gift that reflects the true spirit of Diwali and the appreciation you have for your team.

Cost of 1 box (500 grams): ₹850/-

Includes: Crunchy pistachio, Rose balls, Kesar almond, Almond Balls

Alternate options:

4. Meetha Chatpatta Combo

Diwali isn't just about sweet dishes; it's also about savoring a mix of flavors. Our Meetha Chatpatta Combo offers a combination of sweet and savory snacks.

Meetha chatpatta combo- diwali gift option

With treats like kaju Katli and spicy namkeens, this combo caters to a diverse palate, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy a blend of flavors during Diwali.

Cost of 1 combo pack: ₹850/-

Includes: Kaju katli mithai box (250 grams), Dry samosa pack (100 grams), Mini crunch box (100 grams), Chatpatta balck raisins jar (150 grams)

Alternate options:

5. Sugarless Treats

For those employees, who are very health-conscious or don't have the freedom to consume sugar, we have got a diwali gift option too; Sugarless Treats. They are equally delicious but without the added sugar.

Sugarless treats- diwali gift option

This thoughtful diwali gift shows your consideration for your employees' well-being while still allowing them to enjoy the festive season.

Cost of 1 combo pack: ₹700/-

Includes: Dryfruit bites box (100 grams), No added sugar kaju katli mithai box (250 grams), Til berry pops box (100 grams), Rose pops box (100 grams)

Diwali Discounts by The Sweet Blend

If you're looking for diwali gifting on a huge scale, applying these discounts can be really helpful! They can SAVE you on your budget.

Order 10 boxes & get 15% OFF- Use the code 'Diwali15'

Order 25 boxes & get 25% OFF- Use the code 'SweetDiwali'

Order above ₹5,000/- & get a FREE All Flavour Crunch Bites Box- Use the code 'Diwali Dhamaka Offer'

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