10 Diwali Gift Hamper Ideas for Festive Season 2023

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time for celebration, joy, and togetherness. While there are countless ways to express your affection during this auspicious festival, one timeless tradition that has always stood the test of time is the exchange of Diwali gift hampers.

In this blog we will discuss about 10 different Diwali gift hamper ideas that you can use to sparkle up your diwali celebrations with friends and family.

  1. Traditional Mithai Hamper
  2. Indian Snacks Combo Hamper
  3. Masaledar Dryfruits Hamper
  4. Modern Fusion Hamper
  5. Exotic Diwali Hamper

1. The Traditional Mithai Hamper

Our 'Traditional Mithai Hamper' is a carefully curated assortment of some of the most delightful and beloved Indian sweet dishes, making it a quintessential choice for Diwali gifting. This hamper is a sweet symphony of flavors and textures that will delight anyone. It includes:

Kaju Katli: This diamond-shaped, melt-in-the-mouth traditional mithai is made from cashews and sugar, offering a delightful blend of creamy richness and nutty flavors.

Kaju katli mithai box

Soan Papdi: This flaky and delicate dessert is loved for its sweet and crunchy taste. Its unique texture and the way it dissolves in your mouth are sure to please everyone's taste buds.

Desi ghee soan papdi mithai box

Besan Ladoo: These round, golden bites of goodness are made from roasted gram flour and generously garnished with nuts. They are a traditional Diwali delicacy.

Besan ladoo mithai box

Mysore Pak: Originating from the royal kitchens of Mysore, this fudge-like sweet is a perfect balance of ghee, gram flour, and sugar. Mysore Pak offers a great experience of indulgence.

Mysore pak mithai

Cost of 1 Traditional Mithai Hamper: ₹1362/-

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2. The Indian Snacks Combo Hamper

This hamper idea is a delicious assortment of some of India's most loved savory snacks. It is a flavor-packed journey through India's culinary heritage, featuring:

Khasta kachori- evening snack

Khasta Kachori: This flaky, deep-fried snack is stuffed with a spiced mixture of moong dal or urad dal. It is known for it's irresistible crunch and a burst of flavors in every bite.

Dry samosa evening snack option

Dry Samosa: These crispy, triangular delights are filled with a mixture of spices, nuts, and herbs. They are the perfect snack to savor with tea or share with loved ones.

Mathri- evening tea snack

Mathri: These deep-fried, flaky crackers are seasoned with a blend of spices and are perfect for munching. They are a beloved snack during celebrations and festivals.

Diamond namkeen evening snack option

Diamond Namkeen: A blend of crispy namkeen (savory snacks) featuring a variety of shapes and flavors, this mix is a perfect accompaniment to your Diwali tea or as an anytime snack.

Farali chivda

Farali Chivda: A light and crunchy mix of nuts, seeds, and spices, farali chivda is a popular snack during fasting and festivals. It offers a unique blend of textures and flavors.

Cost of 1 Indian Snacks Combo Hamper: ₹600/-

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3. The Masaledar Dryfruits Hamper

When it comes to Diwali gift hampers, the exchange of sweets and traditional treats is customary. But what if you want to surprise your loved ones with something unique, exciting, and a bit unconventional?

This Diwali 2023, introduce your friends and family to 'The Masaledar Dryfruits Hamper' – a flavorful twist on traditional Diwali gift hampers that will ignite their taste buds and add a zesty flair to the festivities.

Cheese & Herbs Cashew Nuts: A delectable fusion of creamy cheese and aromatic herbs coats these cashew nuts, offering a tantalizing blend of textures and flavors.

Chatpatta Cranberry: Dried cranberries get a chatpatta (spicy and tangy) makeover, making them a delightful balance of sweetness and spice.

Chatpatta Black Raisins: These plump black raisins come alive with a chatpatta twist, creating an explosion of flavors in every bite.

Rose Cashew Nuts: Delicate rose-flavored cashew nuts add a touch of floral elegance to the hamper, offering a unique and fragrant taste experience.

Peri Peri Almonds: These almonds are seasoned with the fiery and tangy flavors of peri peri, creating a harmonious contrast of heat and crunch.

Barbeque Almonds: Smoky barbeque seasoning transforms ordinary almonds into a rich, savory treat with a hint of BBQ goodness.

Cost of 1 Masaledar Dryfruits Hamper: ₹2594/-

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4. The Modern Fusion Hamper

This Diwali gift hamper offers a unique blend of old and new, merging traditional goodness with modern flavors. This exceptional hamper includes:

Crunch bites box

All Flavours Crunch Bites Box:A modern take on traditional snacks, these Crunch Bites come in a variety of exciting flavors, delivering a crunchy, savory, and aromatic experience.

Whole almonds pack- plain dryfruits

Whole Almonds: A classic choice, whole almonds are a symbol of good health and fortune, making them a timeless and nutritious addition.

Whole cashew nuts pack- plain dryfruits

Whole Cashew Nuts: Known for their creamy texture and rich taste, whole cashews are a Diwali favorite, bringing a touch of tradition to the fusion.

Cost of 1 Modern Fusion Hamper: ₹1,093/-

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5. The Exotic Diwali Gift Hamper

This elegant and tasteful hamper is designed to provide both value for money and a delightful experience, making it a prime choice for Diwali gifting 2023!

What's in this hamper?

Indulgent Mithai Box:This box of traditional mithai, displayed with a modern twist is the perfect representation of Diwali celebrations! It is a power pack box of Indian sweet dishes that you can enjoy with friends and family.

Indulgent mithai box

Peri Peri Almonds:These almonds are spiced with peri peri seasoning, offering a bold and fiery twist that pairs wonderfully with the sweetness of the mithai.

Peri peri almonds- savoury dry fruits

Chatpatta Black Raisins:These plump black raisins are imbued with a chatpatta (spicy and tangy) flavor that complements the rich mithai and the fiery almonds.

Chatpatta black raisins- savoury dryfruits

Why this hamper is a value for money option?

  1. Premium & Thoughtful: This hamper combines premium quality mithai with a twist of modern snacking, providing a balanced and thoughtful gift.
  2. Variety: The inclusion of indulgent mithai alongside contemporary snacks ensures a luxurious and diverse gifting experience.
  3. Versatile Luxury: The versatility of this hamper allows it to be enjoyed during the festivities, at gatherings, and even as a gourmet indulgence.
  4. Elevated Gifting: As a purchaser, you are presenting a gift that stands out as an exquisite and premium choice, reflecting your taste and thoughtfulness.
  5. Convenience: This hamper offers a convenient and hassle-free gifting solution with its luxurious yet accessible components.

Cost of 1 Exotic Diwali Hamper: ₹1,648/-

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