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Kaju Katli

Is kaju katli good for health?

While this Indian sweet dish is delicious and rich in flavor, it is essential to consume it in limited quantities. Cashews are a great source of healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals like copper and magnesium, which are helpful for heart health and bone strength.

How many pieces in 1 kg kaju katli?

The number of pieces in 1 kg kaju katli will differ from each seller. However, at The Sweet Blend you can get anywhere around 40-45 pieces in 1 kg kaju katli.

How many calories in kaju katli?

A kaju katli box of 450 gm contains 518 calories. Additionally 1 piece of kaju katli contains almost 30 calories.

Is kaju katli gluten free?

Yes, traditional kaju katli is gluten-free. The main ingredients used in making kaju katli are cashew nuts and sugar, both of which are naturally gluten-free.

What is the price of 1 kg kaju katli in India?

While India has a crazy amount of mithai shops, the average price of 1 kg kaju katli in India is anywhere between ₹900 - ₹1500

Why is kaju katli coated in silver?

Kaju katli and many other Indian sweet dishes flaunt a thin layer of edible silver foil known as "varak." the reason is rooted in cultural and aesthetic traditions. The silver coating is considered to be a symbol of purity and prosperity in Indian culture.

Why is it called kaju katli?

The name of this traditional sweet arises from it's 2 main ingredients; "kaju" which means cashew nuts and "katl" which refers thin, flat slices. The name perfectly describes the key characteristics of this sweet dish.

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Mysore Pak

In which state mysore pak is famous?

Mysore pak is famous in the state of Karnataka, India, and particularly in the city of Mysore, from which it gets its name.

How many types of mysore pak are there?

There are mainly only 2 types of mysore pak: Traditional mysore pak and ghee mysore pak. The only difference in both is the portion of ghee used. The latter variation has a higher content of ghee used in preparation.

What are the ingredients used to make mysore pak?

The ingredients used to make mysore pak are: ghee, gram flour also known as "besan", sugar and water.

Who gave the name mysore pak?

This famous Indian sweet dish gets it's name by one of the royal cooks, Kakasura Madappa, of Mysore palace during the reign of Maharaja Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV in the 19th century. This traditional sweet was accidentally created while trying a different recipe!

What is mysore pak famous for?

Mysore pak is famous for its texture and taste. It has a crumbly, yet slightly soft and melt-in-the-mouth consistency, thanks to the generous use of ghee. It has become famous Indian sweet dish devoured during festivals like Diwali and other special occasions.

Why is mysore pak famous in Mysore?

Mysore pak is particularly famous in the city of Mysore because of its historical association with the Mysore Palace. Today, Mysore pak is not only enjoyed locally but is also known and loved across the country and beyond.

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Desi Ghee Soan Papdi

What is soan papdi also known as?

Soan papdi is often referred to by different names like Sohan papdi, Shon papdi, Shom papri and Patisa.

Which place is famous for soan papdi?

This Indian sweet dish is famous in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Jaipur is famous for producing delicious soan papdi mithai, making it a popular destination for purchasing this traditional sweet.

Who invented soan papdi?

The origin of this sweet dish isn't well documented but is believed to be created in the Indian sub-continent centuries ago.

What is soan papdi made of?

Soan papdi mithai is made of the following ingredients: Almond, Pistachio, gram flour, ghee, almond, sugar, milk, Cardamom.

Is soan papdi like cotton candy?

No. Soan papdi mithai and cotton candy are quite different in terms of texture and preparation. While soan papdi has a crumbly and flaky texture, easily dissolving in the mouth, cotton candy is spun sugar, which results in a light and airy, almost ethereal texture.

Is soan papdi and patisa the same thing?

Soan papdi is often referred to or misunderstood as Patisa. Patisa is called soan cake. Due the similarity in their names, both these Indian sweet dishes are often confused for each other. To understand the differences of both these sweet dishes in details, check this article.

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Besan Ladoo

What is the shelf life of besan ladoo?

The shelf life of this traditional sweet depends on the ingredients used. In general, the shelf life of besan ladoo is 1-2 weeks if correctly stored in an air tight container.

What is the significance of besan ladoo?

Besan ladoo holds cultural and traditional significance all over India. It is a popular Indian sweet dish that is often prepared and offered during festivals, celebrations, and special occasions. Distributing this traditional sweet among family and friends is a gesture of hospitality and goodwill.

Which city is famous for besan ladoo?

The city of Varanasi, in the state if Uttar Pradesh is famous for besan ladoo. Varanasi is renowned for its rich culinary heritage and is a hub for Indian sweet dishes.

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Evening Snacks

What to eat in evening for weight loss?

An evening snack for weight loss should be nutritious, satiating and tasty. There are a lot of evening snacks for weight loss like fruit and til ladoo and rose til chikki.

What is the importance of evening snacks?

Having an evening snack carries alot of importance. They provide sustained energy, improved metabolism, prevent overheating and can be a great intake of nutrients during your work day.

When should I have an evening snack?

While there is no specific answer to this question, having an evening snack a few hours after your lunch and before dinner is a great option. This timing allows you to maintain steady blood sugar levels and prevents excessive hunger during the main meal. Check our The Sweet Blend's evening snack collection.

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Healthy Snacks

What makes a healthy snack?

A healthy snack option is one this is nutritious, satisfying, and contributes positively to your overall well-being. A few features of healthy snack options are: nutrient dense, balanced, low quantity of added sugar and salt, wholesome and portion control. 

What are 3 healthy snacks?

Fruit and til ladoo

Rose til chikki

Mixed dry fruits

Why do people prefer healthy snacks?

Choosing healthy snack options can provide people with several benefits like: nutritional benefits, satiety and energy, weight management and mindful eating.

Are Indian snacks healthy?

Indian snacks can vary widely in terms of their healthiness. While some traditional Indian snacks can be healthy, others may be high in calories. For example, snacks like fruit chaat, roasted chickpeas, or sprout salad can be nutritious choices.

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