About Us


Sweets are the satisfying end to a meal, an epitome of celebration and the taste of traditions. For us, it's always more than a dish, it's an emotion we love to pass on. Hence, we manifest to deliver happiness in every bite for every occasion. Serving the B2B segment since the past 30 years, we have curated endless possibilities of flavors with over a hundred ingredients.

 Every sweet is willfully hand-crafted and garnished with love to give the most relishing flavor to our consumers. Traditional sweets has been our forte, however since the past two years we have also introduced and launched fusion Indian sweets in the market.

Our story

The Sweet Blend is a venture started by Anand & Company - established in the year 1976 is here to serve happiness in the form of handcrafted sweets. Our Grandfather and Father started a treasury of sweets in Mumbai, named after our Great Grand Father. “Anand” in Hindi means joy and happiness, and that remains the emotion we aim to evoke in the minds and hearts of people when they indulge in our sweets. Their quest to curate the most indulgent and authentic Indian sweets started with age-old techniques and master artisans handcrafting delicious sweets inspired by the diverse culinary cultures across the country.
Muskaan and Nkita grew up watching sweets being made and the joy it would bring on the faces of people as they indulged in those sweets, and that's how we knew we wanted the same; to be the reason behind people's smiles, via our delicacies. Taking these legendary creations and refined experiences ahead, the 3rd Gen established The Sweet Blend in 2020, a brand celebrating the rich history of their parent company.
We strive to keep our aims alive and serve the products that are intricately hand-crafted to prompt appreciation for quality ingredients in every bite, garnished with flakes of grandeur, and delicately wrapped in little boxes.