Dry Samosa

In this blog post we will discuss:

  1. What is this snack?
  2. The ingredients used
  3. Is it a good option for kids?
  4. The taste of this snack
  5. How to make this at home 

What is dry samosa?

Dry samosa is an extremely famous Indian snack that is made with a bunch of really delicious ingredients. It is an all time favourite snack of the nation, and can be enjoyed during any time of the day!

Dry samosa packet of 100 grams

What ingredients are used to make dry samosa?

This snack was invented in the Indian sub-continent. Due to the array of different taste and preferences in this country, dry samosa can be made with a variety of ingredients according to one's choice.

However, at The Sweet Blend, we use the following, premium quality ingredients, to make this amazing snack:

  1. Refined Wheat Flour
  2. Edible vegetable oil (Sunflower oil)
  3. Desi Ghee
  4. Iodised salt
  5. Mix spices & condiments

Is dry samosa a good evening snack for kids?

Yes, dry samosa is a famous Indian snack for kids. Additionally, this snack can be found in most of the households of the nation.

What makes this a good evening snack for kids is the combination of the crunchy outer layer, soft inner filling and the satiating ingredients used to make it. It provides a wholesome snack option for kids.

5 Dry samosa pieces on a plate with Indian chutneys

What does dry samosa taste like?

Dry samosa tastes similar to regular samosa but has a different filling and coating. Traditionally, samosas are made with potatoes, flour and spices, whereas dry samosas are made with different ingredients, as mentioned above.

How to make dry samosa at home?

If you want to enjoy this delectable snack at home and have questions like "how to make dry samosa at home? what ingredients to use?" you need not worry anymore. The Sweet Blend can easily deliver a packet od dry samosas to your doorstep in no time.

With express and secure delivery, you can now enjoy this amazing snack with your friend and family in just a few clicks.

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