Farali Chivda for Every Occasion

'The Perfect Snack for your Fasting Delights'

What is farali chivda?

Farali chivda, also known as 'farali chevdo,' is a famous Indian dry snack that is usually prepared and consumed during fasting periods in auspicious Indian festivatls and celebrations.This dynamic crunchy snack is made in a way that follows the dietary restrictions that need to be followed during fasts.

Importance of this Indian snack during fasting?

There are several reasons why this snack holds vital importance in one's daily diet during a fast:

1. Nutrition & Sustaining

During fasting periods, people avoid consuming full regular meals. This instant snack provides a power-packed and nutritious replacement for complete meals. Additionally, it is an extremely satiating and light snack option

2. Flavourful Satisfaction

Often the food that can be eaten during long fasting periods can taste bland and not exciting. However, farali chivda is a delicious crunchy snack that gives great satisfaction to one's taste buds. The variety of ingredients used makes it a delectable Indian snack.

3. Versatile

Farali chivda can be prepared according to one's tastes and preferences. Though this snack has a traditional recipe / mix of ingredients, you can play with the ingredients according to your choice.

What are the ingredients?

  1. Dried Potato
  2. Dryfruits (Almonds, Cashew, Raisins)
  3. Edible vegetable oil
  4. Dried Leafy vegetales (Green chilli, curry)
  5. Refined Sugar
  6. Mix Spices & Condiments

How to enjoy this snack?

Since this snack is so dynamic and versatile you can be enjoy it in several ways:

1. Evening Snacks

Simply enjoy a handful of farali chivda on its own as a quick and satisfying evening snack. The mix of crispy elements, nuts, and spices provides a flavorful treat.

2. Tea Time Snacks:

Pair this crunchy snack with a cup of Indian 'masala chai' or coffee during your tea-time break. The savory crunch complements the warm beverage perfectly.

3. Fruit Chaat:

Add farali chivda into a fruit chaat, during your fast, by combining sliced fruits like apple, banana, and pomegranate seeds with a sprinkle of this snack. It creates a sweet and savory combination.

If you wish to enjoy this chivda, not during fasting periods, you can enjoy this snack the following ways too:

4. Stuffed Paratha:

Fill a paratha (Indian flatbread) with a layer of farali chivda to create a crunchy and flavorful stuffing. You could add this as a creative breakfast or lunch option. It can make a great value addition for kids who love eating food.

5. Mango Salsa:

Mix sliced ripe mangoes with finely chopped mint, coriander, red chili, and a handful of this crunchy snack for a unique and tangy mango salsa flavour that can be enjoyed with a bowl of chips! An amazing evening snack option for you.

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