About Kaju Katli

What Is Kaju Katli Mithai?

Kaju katli is one of the most famous Indian sweet dishes devoured all around the nation. This diamond shaped mithai, is considered an exotic sweet dish and is a part of multifarious occasions celebrated throughout the year.

Kaju katli is a traditional sweet that has been enjoyed for centuries in India. The rich history and culture that this sweet dish expresses, has made it an extremely rich dish. Therefore, it is used as a gifting option for friends and family.


Kaju Katli Ingredients

What makes kaju katli an exclusive and opulent sweet dish is it's really tasty ingredients!
  1. Cashew Nuts (59%)
  2. Sugar
  3. Silver Leaves
  4. Rose Water
  5. Contains Preservatives

    Kaju Katli Calories

    A kaju katli box of 450 gm contains 518 calories. Additionally 1 piece of kaju katli contains almost 30 calories.

    Difference Between Kaju Katli & Kaju Katli Barfi?

    Kaju katli and Kau barfi are both popular Indian sweets made from cashew nuts (kaju), but they have some differences in their preparation and texture. Here's a breakdown of the differences between the two:

    1. Ingredients: Kaju katli is essentially made of cashew nuts (kaju), sugar, and sometimes a small amount of cardamom for flavoring. Whereas, Kaju barfi is made using cashew nuts (kaju) as well as milk solids (khoya), sugar, and cardamom.
    2. Texture: Kaju katli has a fudgy and smooth texture due to the rich silver leaves. It is typically thin, flat, and diamond-shaped. Kaju barfi, on the other hand, has a slightly grainy and crumbly texture due to the addition of milk solids (khoya). It is usually thicker and cut into square or rectangular shapes.
    3. Cooking process: Kaju katli is made by grinding cashew nuts into a fine powder, which is then cooked with sugar syrup to form a dough. This dough is then rolled out and cut into diamond shapes. Kaju barfi, on the other hand, involves cooking cashew nut powder and milk solids (khoya) together with sugar and cardamom until the mixture thickens. It is then set in a tray and cut into pieces once it cools down.

    Is Kaju Katli Healthy?

    Kaju katli is a sweet dish with a variety of ingredients that are really nutrious. For example, the cashews nuts used can be great source of nutrition.

    However, on the other hand this diamond shaped sweet also has sugar in it. If consumed in a really large quantity, kaju katli isn't a healthy option. Hence, it is always advisable to have it in a limited portion.

    For example, enjoying kaju katli during a special occasion or on memorable events is a great choice.

    Kaju Katli Price List

    1. Kaju katli 250 gm- ₹332/-
    2. Kaju katli 500 gm- ₹665/-
    3. Kaju katli 1 kg- ₹1330/-